Karen Reyes. GOD. 19. Australia Melbourne. Taken♥

"I have an obsession with being wanted. I refuse to settle down into a quiet relationship where we tell each other how much we love each other and fuck quietly on Saturday nights with the lights off. I need adventure. I need hearts pounding to the beat of body against body. I don’t want butterflies; I want a nuclear explosion inside of my stomach. I don’t want someone to play with my hair, I want someone to pull it.

Everyone talks about love like it is a perfect formula, but you cannot calculate what I am looking for. There is no recipe to follow that can produce the fire I need. When he touches my thigh, I want to feel shivers down my back. I want to feel thunder inside of my chest when he moans my name into my neck. I’ve lived my whole life accepting mediocre love, now I want earthquakes."

I’m sorry for not loving you & your tenderness, but I’m a wildfire you cannot put out with your kisses | S.B. (via fallinlovewithapoet)

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